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Luke Fallon

LUKE FALLON Sport & Game Fishing Meet Luke

Luke has been barra guiding since the early 1990’s and is very adept at both saltwater barra fishing as well as impoundment fishing. As many anglers who have tried impoundment fishing know, its not the easy option that saltwater anglers make it out to be!

Luke grew up in Townsville, North Queensland and so Peter Faust Dam was one of the first impoundments he ever fished . And he has spent a lot of time on its waters in the 30 years since it was built!

His intimate knowledge of the the dam as well as his over 30 years of guiding experience for this species is to the benefit of his Luke Fallon Sport & Game Fishing charter clients.

Luke has been involved in the charter fishing industry full time for 34 years.
While Luke is also well known in Australian marlin fishing circles as the skipper of the charter boat KEKOA, he has been also been barra guiding for his entire fishing career.
He began offering barra charters out of Townsville under the Luke Fallon Sport Fishing banner in the 1990’s and has notched up some truly special fish for his clients over the years both in the salt and impoundment fishing. (see achievements below)
On KEKOA he has also spent 9 years barra guiding in the Gulf of Carpentaria, utilising KEKOA as a mothership during the March to June runoff period each year.
Luke is a Master V, MED I and holds a current Senior First Aid Certificate.


Luke Fallon Sport & Game Fishing

Some of Luke’s favourite achievements as angler and guide include:

Saltwater: Angler
Biggest barramundi as angler = 131cm
Saltwater: Guide
Biggest barramundi as guide = 127cm

**Big fish 2021: guided David G onto 123cm barra in the estuary at Fraser Island!!
Saltwater: Guiding
Guiding saltwater - 9 barramundi over 1m in a single session including a very impressive 5 over 1.2 metres.
Impoundment: Angler
Biggest barramundi as angler = 138cm
Impoundment: Guide
Biggest barramundi as guide = 130cm

**Big Fish 2021: 117cm at Faust, one of three over 115cm!!
Impoundment: Guiding
Guiding freshwater - getting an angler who has spent over 20 years trying for his first metery, 3 over 1m in a single session including one at 1.3m!
Luke Fallon
Some of Luke’s exploits as angler fishing one of his favourite honey holes of Tinaroo Dam. Luke has vast experience at many of the impoundment fisheries across the state including Tinaroo, Peter Faust, Callide, Awonga, Monduran and Lenthalls Dams.