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Peter Faust Barra Charters
Known as the metre plus dam!
Peter Faust Dam is located 20 minutes outside of Proserpine in North Queensland. The airport at Proserpine (Whitsunday Coast Airport) is also the main gateway to the Whitsundays with flights daily via Brisbane. It is also easily accessed from North Queensland and is less than 3hrs drive from Townsville and one of the most popularly fished dams from there.
Being local to Proserpine and the Whitsundays we can help with accommodation, stores and airport transfers. We can also offer full and part day charters that will see you on the dam and fishing at the best time of the day!
Peter Faust Dam, also known as Lake Proserpine is one of Queensland’s best big barra fishing destinations. Like all stocked impoundments, fishing is permitted at the dam via Stocked Impoundment Permit (SIPs) which may be purchased online here.
One of the great benefits of fishing Peter Faust Dam is due to its location in North Queensland which bring typically milder winters as well as almost endless summers which create perfect conditions for barra fishing!
Facilities at Lake PROSERPINE
The local Lions Club managed Camp Kanga is a good base for anglers fishing Peter Faust Dam. Not only does the camp offer camping facilities but for anglers flying in, the donga accommodation is quite comfortable and has airconditioning as well as a refrigerator in each room. We can also arrange for airport transfers, food collection (local Drakes Supermarket) as well as cooking utensils and bedding.
There is also a paid camping site (bookings required) close to the ramp for those traveling with caravans or camping equipment wanting to keep their costs minimal.
In town in nearby Proserpine you will find all facilities you need including restaurants and fast food,  and motels and hire cars if you prefer to fly in and stay in town.
Guided Fishing At Peter Faust
Being local to Proserpine means we can offer half day, full day as well multi session barramundi fishing charters at the lake. You can find out more about the different charter options via our charter options page.
Luke has been barra guiding since the early 1990’s and is very adept at both saltwater barra fishing as well as impoundment fishing. He has been fishing at Peter Faust since it first opened 30 years ago and his experience over many years of fishing here is to the benefit of all of our guests.
FISHING at Peter Faust
Peter Faust Dam is stocked annually with an estimate 20,000 barra fingerlings.

One of the best things about barra fishing at Peter Faust Dam is the consistency of big fish. On average, Luke guestimates that almost one in every 5 barra caught is over a metre (actually our 2021 catch records show its at 1 in 4!!). Already in 2022 we’ve notched up some stonkers with the biggest 117cm one of several over 110cm.

And its also an awesome dam for variety of techniques. We can catch them on the surface (sight casting), jerk baiting in heavy timber and vibing, fishing weed edges as well as shallow points.

Peter faust Dam – Lake Proserpine